Clarke Peters

Notes from the first aid manual

For the past four months I’ve heard everything thing from: it’s germ warfare to aliens wanting to control our minds, from Covid 19 to 5G, from the rich wanting to enslave the poor to culling the human race and the drum beats rhythm to the brain: la dee  dah duh dee, la dee dah duh day. If you’re not a scientist or medical what you know is what you’re being told. Amidst all this, one thing is apparent: You’ve  got to look after yourself.  To that end I’ve been following the guidance of an AYURVEDIC philosophy with wonderful results. It may not stop me from getting the bug or having my myelin striped from my nerves but, my body has been strengthened to weather the storms.

Aside from the usual home remedies of ginger, lemon, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon etc there are combinations of various herbs that assist in strengthening the immune system.
Trikatu, is one of them. I’m gonna leave it there for now and suggest you research this herbal remedy when used in conjunction with other herbs has an amazing effect on, not only your body but your outlook on life.

I’ll post some more from the Natural First Aid manual as well as other tools that might help negotiate the coming changes….


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